Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New location for the Leverage team.

Leverage is back! As I wrote aboutpreviously, the Leverage team’s HQ for seasons 2 thru 4 was Nate’sloft in “Boston” and furnished with IKEA. About a quarter of the way through the final episode of Season 4 we get the reveal that the Leverage team cleared out of their HQ :

Makes you wonder what the production team did with all those furniture pieces now that the set isn't going to be used any more.
Thisseason is set in Portland Oregon, the city where they've actuallyfilmed the show all these years. I will admit that Portland did a good job of filling in forBoston but it is nice to see the show lovingly pay tribute to thecity that has been so good to them.

The new HQ is a loft above a restaurantand the team conveniently owns the restaurant as well. While the loftHQ has not yet yielded any good IKEA spotting, the restaurant has a EXPEDIT unit turned wine rack.

Cap from episode 4

Multi-versatile EXPEDIT, we love thee.

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