Monday, September 3, 2012

Going back to school with Veronica Mars

It is that time of year again. Crisp fall air, the urge to buy school supplies and apparently the motivation to complete posts that have sat in my drafts folder for a year. A year ago I first started watching and posting about Veronica Mars. Take a moment to refresh yourself with my previous Veronica Mars posts here. I'm going to continue coverage with featured guest appearances (one-off, temporary sets) of IKEA pieces in season 1.
1x12: In the waiting area of the High School front office is a SPONTAN magazine rack.

1x14: At the Mars Detective offices is a FRÄCK mirror. This mirror is always present in the offices but this is the first time it is clearly seen in the series.

1x18: The suspects of the week both have IKEA bedrooms. The first has a MALM 6-drawer dresser on the right.

JULES swivel desk chair and yellow HELMER drawers (yellow discontinued). I know I had the name of this desk scribbled down but I can't find my notes and Google search isn't helping me right now. Does anyone know the name? (UPDATE: MOTIV desk!)

This is a very dark scene but there is a birch 3-drawer ANEBODA dresser (right) and MIKAEL corner desk (center), both discontinued.

I have one more post for season 2 and the beginning of season 3 prepared. I still have to finish watching season 3. Hopefully, a year after I started, I can wrap these posts and finish the show itself.


  1. The desk in the Veronica Mars shot is one of the Vika varieties, I can't remember the exact one as it's been discontinued but hopefully that gets you on the right track

    1. Thank you. I'll have to activate my Google-fu and go searching again.