Friday, August 31, 2012

Dial back on the sugar kid.

Surfing online I came across this insanely high energy, slightly trippy, commercial for Weetabix, a UK cereal.

Once you get past the dancing bears (am I the only one who thought of Ted?) and the girl's amazing dance moves there is quite a lot of IKEA to be seen.

In this wide shot you can see a JULES desk chair, FIRA mini-chest of drawers (discontinued), MILLINGE rug and a turquoise PS FÅNGST.

A close up of the PS FÅNGST (at the foot of the bed) and the bed that isn't any of the IKEA beds I could find.

A close up of the FIRA.

On the reverse view of the room, by the door, is a KRITTER chair.

There is an interesting behind the scenes video which shows you how the video was made and a look at the coolest bear costumes. The video can be seen here.

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