Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"It's happening again."

From the same January 6th issue of Entertainment weekly, which prompted me to write yesterday's post, there was another publicity photo featuring an IKEA spot. In the TV review of The Firm there is a shot of Juliette Lewis and a red BAROMETER table lamp.

As I was writing yesterday's post and planning for the week I was reminded that The Firm was starting on NBC. I thought my timing was great, I'd catch it on Hulu after work and see if there was anything else to spot. It wasn't until I got home that realized that the premiere was two hours (!). I wanted this post to be timely but didn't have enough time to watch it & then write a post. So, instead I skimmed through the clips featured on Hulu. 

Here our protagonist holds a blue DINERA mug. The notches at the bottom are the key identifier.

Here's a beige version of the DINERA mug.

The green glasses on the EKBY BJÄRNUM bracketed shelves on the right look like turquoise DIOD glasses.

Here's a close up:

It looks like there are also VÄNLIG glasses,  and a DINERA coffee cup with saucer.

A wide shot of the kitchen / breakfast nook area shows a FRANKLIN folding stool,  STENSTORP kitchen cart and the LIATORP kitchen table.

And way up in the corner, on top of the cabinets is an EMU, metal storage container (discontinued). I don't know how I noticed it but there it is.

Did you watch the full episode? Do you see see anything else? Let me know in the comments or via an email to ikeaspotter at gmail dot com. I can't say I'll get around to watching the show myself. I am so behind on practically everything else I already watch. However, if you tell me it is worth a look I will add it to me list.

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