Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"It's happening again."

From the same January 6th issue of Entertainment weekly, which prompted me to write yesterday's post, there was another publicity photo featuring an IKEA spot. In the TV review of The Firm there is a shot of Juliette Lewis and a red BAROMETER table lamp.

As I was writing yesterday's post and planning for the week I was reminded that The Firm was starting on NBC. I thought my timing was great, I'd catch it on Hulu after work and see if there was anything else to spot. It wasn't until I got home that realized that the premiere was two hours (!). I wanted this post to be timely but didn't have enough time to watch it & then write a post. So, instead I skimmed through the clips featured on Hulu. 

Here our protagonist holds a blue DINERA mug. The notches at the bottom are the key identifier.

Here's a beige version of the DINERA mug.

The green glasses on the EKBY BJÄRNUM bracketed shelves on the right look like turquoise DIOD glasses.

Here's a close up:

It looks like there are also VÄNLIG glasses,  and a DINERA coffee cup with saucer.

A wide shot of the kitchen / breakfast nook area shows a FRANKLIN folding stool,  STENSTORP kitchen cart and the LIATORP kitchen table.

And way up in the corner, on top of the cabinets is an EMU, metal storage container (discontinued). I don't know how I noticed it but there it is.

Did you watch the full episode? Do you see see anything else? Let me know in the comments or via an email to ikeaspotter at gmail dot com. I can't say I'll get around to watching the show myself. I am so behind on practically everything else I already watch. However, if you tell me it is worth a look I will add it to me list.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inspiration from the randomest places.

Flipping through the January 6th Entertainment Weekly featuring The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara on the cover there is a "First Look" feature which highlighted the upcoming Kiefer Sutherland show Touch (preview January 25th on Fox).

And I thought, I know those blurry lights in the background. That is the STRANNE table lamp.

Looking closer, in the upper left corner I spotted the IKEA PS SVINGA, a blue woven chair that hangs from the ceiling.

Curious to see if I could find better pictures from the show I came across a 3 minutes trailer in HD. It was a good thing because I also found all of these:

There are at least two STRANNE lamps, the IKEA PS SVINGA in the shadows and STUVA storage systems on both walls. The STUVA MÅLAD drawer fronts are very distinctive.

Later on in the trailer we see the boy's room again. There is another STRANNE table lamp on the floor.

In what looks like a daycare center there are 2 2x4 EXPEDIT units, 1 blue and 1 white RINGUM rug, and another STRANNE table lamp.

In the back corner are 3 or more 2x2 EXPEDIT units on casters with 2 drawer inserts each.

In the kitchen, on the counter is a MAGASIN dish drainer with DINERA mugs & plates.

I wonder if all the IKEA pieces were highlighted in the trailer or if more will be spotted after watching the episode? We'll have to wait and see. Also, that issue of Entertainment Weekly led me to another spotting. Stay tuned for that post.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brainy is the new sexy.

The New Year brought me some very exciting things including the UK premiere* of series 2 of Sherlock! If you haven't seen Sherlock yet get yourself to Netflix instant or the library where you will find series 1 on DVD. It is an incredibly well written and wonderfully acted modern incarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes), Martin Freeman (Watson) and the supporting cast take the top notch writing to a whole new level.

With giddy glee I settled in to watch the premiere episode and hoped that I'd find a little something for my blog. (If you haven't noticed I've been lacking in material lately. Life getting in the way of watching TV so please send me anything you find.)

I noticed two things in the first episode. Despite there being a lot of lamps in Sherlock & Watson's apartment, the only one I recognized as IKEA was a SAMTID floor lamp in the right corner.

And in the kitchen are DROPPAR jars on the shelves & counters. It was hard to get a good shot because of the angle or Benedict getting in the way but I think you can make them out in this picture.

I honestly cannot remember if these 2 pieces were in the Baker Street apartment during series 1 but I know that if I go back & check I'll wind up watching the entire series again. With work tomorrow, that would be a bad idea.

*US viewers - Series 2 will premiere in May on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS.