Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"You stop stealing, you stop drinking, and you move upstairs from a thief bar?"

Season 2 of Leverage finds the team coming back together and settling in to a new home base. By settling in, I mean taking over Nate's apartment, eating his food, using his ice to soothe their bruises (Eliot mostly) and disturbing his calm. The ground floor is divided into a living room, kitchen, dining area and office area.

Filmed in Portland, Oregon (set in Boston) the art department apparently found the local IKEA convenient and inspiring. Let's take a tour of Nate's apartment.

Underneath the mess of papers is a BENNO tv stand.

On the breakfast bar is a DROPPAR oil & vinegar set.

EXPEDIT 4x4 unit up in the office area.

FOTO pendant lamp & another view of the EXPEDIT up in the corner.


SEBASTIAN stools (discontinued) by the breakfast bar and HENRIKSDAL chairs by the dining room table.

TIDAHOLM cabinet doors (last chance / discontinued)

A wider view of the kitchen cabinets.

Green RITVA  throw (green discontinued) on the sofa.

In season 3 we see a shot of the back corner and there is an IKEA STOCKHOLM SOFA TABLE

Season 2 was quite fun. Frankly, as slick as the cons are, I watch the show for the interactions between this motley band of thieves. The dynamic of the team was thrown off a bit as the writers came up with ways to cover for Gina Bellman's pregnancy but we were still treated to some great interactions.

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