Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Because you're the best thief I have ever seen, I couldn't risk anything less."

My countdown to the return of Leverage Sunday night on TNT continues. Today are the one offs throughout the 2nd thru 4th seasons*.
Season 2, episode 5 in the tabloid journalist's office there is a NOT floor lamp.

Season 2 episode 12 in a conference room in "Russia" there is a 2x2 EXPEDIT and KASSETT boxes. (And Parker just appearing out of no where like she does.)

Season 3, episode 6 in the sound booth of the bar where Eliot is performing 2 JANSJÖ work lamps.

Mid-season finale of season 4, in the hotel room in Dubai, EDLAND nightstands and dressing table.

And finally in the same mid-season finale, the chess tournament is being played on VIKA AMON table tops with VIKA CURRY legs.

*(I'm doing this while traveling so I think there are a couple of pictures I left at home.)

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