Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"We're not using the "zed" word!"

It's that time of year. Cold creeps in and the darkness falls earlier and earlier. We revel and embrace the creepy crawlies; anything for a shiver and a chill. For me, and my documented dislike of horror films, the best I do is the horror suitable for basic cable.

The Walking Dead, season 1 episode 6, in the CDC rec room there is KARLSTAD sofa and chair, STOCKHOLM coffee table and a STOLMEN system with drawer units, posts and open storage unit.

In the background are FRANKLIN stools (discontinued).

On one of the units are CELEBER jars with lids (discontinued).  On the left is a green weave POÄNG chair with footstool.

Ten geek points if you can name the movie referenced in the title of this post. Next up a werewolf, vampire and ghost live in Bristol.

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