Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two sets of eyes better than one.

I love when others play IKEA Spotter with me. Another Nero Wolfe fan found something I missed in the "Christmas Party" episode I featured a couple weeks ago.

In a 1950s New York artist's studio there is not 1 but 2 anachronistic IKEA pieces. When I was watching the episode I thought this big unit stood out (for reasons other than the color scheme). I didn't think to research it but Beulah knew it to be the RAKKE wardrobe unit (discontinued) and sent me an email.

I thank Beulah for pointing the second one out to me. My IKEA knowledge doesn't extend as far back as I should like. This episode was produced in 2001 and I first held an IKEA catalog in my hand in 2005. Unless it was still in production after I got a couple of catalogs under my belt then my chances of recognizing it are slim. It becomes much more fun to spot in older episodes and shows.

As always, if you have a spotting to share send me an email. I will gladly include it here on my blog. (Aaron, if you are reading this - I know I still owe you an Insidious post, once I get brave enough to rent the movie.)

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