Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"We, neurobiologists, refer to this as the skank reflex."

I never watched Blossom when I was younger (although I once saw Joey Lawrence live at the Macy's Thaksgiving Day Parade) but Mayim Bialik is gold on The Big Bang Theory. I recently had a marathon session to watch all of season 4 and I loved Amy Farrah Fowler the most.

The 5th season premiere double header of The Big Bang Theory gave us our first real look inside Amy's apartment. In season 4, episode 21 we got a glimpse of her apartment via video chat and see a FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart.

In the premiere episode we got a couple proper scenes in her apartment. While it was an eclectic mix of furnishings, the FÖRHÖJA remained the only thing to spot.

I'm a little disappointed that there wasn't more. However, we saw more of Penny's apartment than we've seen since possibly the first season. It is good to see that it hasn't changed that much.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It is official. No other show can beat this. This is the absolute last show I expected to spot an IKEA item. I remember watching A&E's Nero Wolfe with my mom when it originally aired (2001-2002). I revisited it recently because I had just finished a marathon session on Leverage also starring Timothy Hutton. Now, Leverage I expected to spot and I did which I will write up later. I was just watching Nero Wolfe for the actors and the stories.

If you are unfamiliar with Nero Wolfs it is a series based on the novels of Rex Stout. The stories were written over several decades but the television series was set in the 1950's New York.

Ladies and gentlemen in season 1, episode 9 -1950's New York - there is a 5x5 EXPEDIT:

Painted gold on the outside and purple inside each cubby (to match the heinous apartment in which it sits).

And just because it is Timothy Hutton:

If you can top that let me know. I honestly think nothing will beat this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Insert joke about "Claritin clear" and a blurry photo.

Commercials are always quite reliable for spotting but the other evening, while thumbing through a magazine, I spotted a familiar item in a print ad. A first for the blog.

2x2 EXPEDIT in an ad for Claritin.

Excuse the poor quality. It was taken covertly with my camera phone as a Star Wars LEGO playing obsessed 6 year old was pleading for my attention. I was silently praying I wouldn't be asked why I was taking a picture of the magazine. It is never fun to be mocked by children.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Doctor makes a house call.

This past Saturday's episode of Doctor Who entitled "Night Terrors" spent time in one of the scariest places in the universe, a child's bedroom. It was the first present day episode since the season opener and the scene with the Ponds and their IKEA filled apartment. Present day episodes have more spotting potential although Doctor Who is not above the other sci-fi/fantasy shows which have featured IKEA in the far future & in space.

Let's take a look inside terrified George's room. By the bed there is a MAMMUT table and a  VESSLA storage bin underneath.

Next to the scary, scary cupboard is a IKEA PS FÅNGST hanging storage bin.

His desk area, which is mostly obscured in the episode, has a JULES chair.

Elsewhere in the apartment there is a MAGASIN cutlery caddy in the kitchen.

And in the living room a BEATA cushion (discontinued).

Love the eerie yellow-green lighting in the living room. The art & lighting departments knocked it out of the park creating the atmosphere for this episode. The mysterious place where the other half of this episode takes place is also wonderfully designed. I wonder where they will take us next week.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Guild - Megagame-O-Ramacon

I've been watching the current 5th season of The Guild.  This season they are attending a gaming convention where their favorite MMORPG, The Game, has an exhibit. In episode 3 get our first look at the show floor.

I noticed the DETOLF display cases right away. I used to work in trade shows and I would see IKEA items used frequently in booth displays. I actually acquired my two display cases* when they were left on the show floor by an exhibitor. Here's the case:

Here are clearer shots of them from the 3rd episode.

They are seen again in the 6th episode which, as of writing, is the most recent episode but they aren't as prominent.

The DETOLF isn't currently listed on the website. I've done a search to determine if they have been discontinued because I know these are insanely popular with collectors. I can't imagine IKEA would want to discontinue these. I wasn't able to find any official confirmation only comments made on collectibles message boards regarding supply issues. I am hoping they come back to the stores very soon. (UPDATE 1/12: The DETOLF is back! Not sure when it reappeared but snatch them up now before they go away again.)

*Here is what I did with my acquired DETOLF cases. The shelves inbetween are birch LAIVA bookcases also procured after a show.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

I spy with my little eye.

Veronica Mars (2004-2007) ran for 64 episodes and I watched 46 of them in a ridiculously short amount of time. After starting season 3 I took a break and started to watch something else on my "to-watch" list. When I came back to finish the show it had been removed from Netflix streaming. I'm working on getting season 3 but for now I have plenty of material. Of those 46 episodes, 14 had what I call guest appearances; non-recurring sets which featured one or more IKEA items. I've already included a couple of those episodes in compilation posts here and here.

There is no elegant way to present such a large volume of spottings. I have broken the guest appearances into 3 posts to make it more manageable. Ready?

Season 1, episode 4 - Gamer hangout. This scene was dark and getting clear screencaps was very difficult but if you click to enlarge it will be easier to see the pieces.

Red LACK table & PS CABINET  along the wall.

ANSSI stool (discontinued)

Wide shot of the club - you can see the PS Cabinet on the center far wall and two red LACK side tables by each couch.

Same episode, in a college dorm room: Yellow HELMER drawer units (yellow - discontinued).

3 drawer ANEBODA dresser (birch - discontinued)

Season 1, episode 7 - Veronica explores her missing upstairs neighbor's apartment. Again, this scene is a bit dark.

In the living room a SNILLE chair hiding in the shadows.

 FORNBRO end tables (discontinued) and - GILBERT chair by the left window.

 In the bedroom there is a MALM 6 drawer chest and POÄNG in the shadows on the right.

GALANT desk and GILBERT chairs.

To be continued...