Friday, August 5, 2011

Subliminal message - eat mac & cheese?

During some late night procrastination I came across a post on EPBOT that features the most astonishing Japanese music video acid trip. The super-imposed images, the colors, the song...I really cannot accurately describe it. If you want to watch it for yourself you can view it at the EPBOT link above. Go ahead - I dare you to accept Jen's dare and watch it all the way through.

I did make it through the entire video but then I had to go back a couple times more to get the captures. Somehow in the candy colored visual assault I was able to recognize two things- an UNG DRILL picture frame painted hot pink:

And a KRITTER children's chair:

close-up for you

I want to be open minded and accepting of other cultures and forms of art but what was that? I have never seen anything that extreme before so I am still trying to decipher it all. I just got the song out of my head so points to them for creating a very catchy tune. As for everything else, I think I need to stare at a blank white wall for a few minutes.

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