Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sprucing things up.

Still catching up on Burn Notice episodes. It looks like they decided to change up Madeline's furnishings a little bit this season and it didn't even require Sam blowing out the sun room (that was the season 2 finale).

Episode 1 there is a TORNA floor lamp.

In shots taken from episode 5 we see that there is also a new BJURSTA dining table. On the larger picture you can see the slides for the leaves.

And, in her living room is a VEJMON coffee table.

On the left, by the windows are two orange TEXTUR lamps.

Also in episode 5 a hotel room is set up as a base of operations for a murder investigation there is a BESTA BURS side table along the wall and an ÅRSTID floor lamp.

Burn Notice is a good reliable source for spotting so look forward to more posts down the road.

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