Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's as clear as black & white.

Eagle eyed reader Craig sent in today's spot.

From the trailer for The Change-Up we have VILMIE  FIGUR cushions :

I love that the each of the two scenes show a different side of the cushion.

I've watched the trailers closely and I thought I had another to add to Craig's spot. However, after some deliberation I've decided I was wrong.

Some of you may wonder what my process is when I try to determine if something is IKEA or simply a similar design. Here is a perfect example for you. I thought there was what looks to be a BAROMETER  floor lamp to the left of the couch. Since there was already one IKEA item in the scene my first criteria was filled. Next step was to compare certain details in order to make a final call.

Here's a close-up from the first picture above and a product photo of the lamp.

The shade didn't look quite right but that could have been because of the angle of the shot. The joint and counterweight are good details but I couldn't get a clean image. The base is obscured so there's no way to compare those. What finally led me to determine that they were only similar designs was the power cord. The lamp in the screenshot clearly has a cord that runs from the top of the lamp and down the vertical pole while the BAROMETER runs from underneath the base.

And so goes my process - a lot of pausing, zooming, comparing and researching. It takes time but I want to be accurate. Sometimes I get lucky, other times well, a lamp is just a lamp.

Thanks again to Craig for the VILMIE FIGUR spot. The Change-Up opens this Friday and if you happen to go, let me know if something else catches your eye.

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