Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new trend has come to light.

I am seeing a trend in quite a few TV shows & some movies. Restaurants which have individual lights on all the tables. I can't imagine this is very practical in the real world. What do they do with the cords? Are there outlets under each table? I admit I do not go to many fancy restaurants but are there really places that have lamps on every single table?  I've seen vases & candles but not lamps. Why then, do they do this for TV? Is it ambiance? Additional lighting in a scene? Something to fill the space?

We've seen LAMPANs used in the Love Bites post. A few months ago I saw there were GRÖNÖs in an outdoor cafe on Torchwood.

In Modern Family they use white LYKTA lamps in two separate restaurants.

 Season 2, Episode 14

 Season 2, Episode 18

And while not a restaurant, seeing LYKTA lamps on every table at a high school dance is just as impractical. The following two caps are from season 2, episode 5 (2005) of Veronica Mars.

If you see this in the real world please let me know. This is an increasing trend on TV (not always IKEA lamps either) and I need to understand.

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