Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern family

A majority of my TV watching lately has been shows that I always meant to watch, always heard good things about but never got around to watching. With intense marathon sessions I've been able to eat away at the list. (Side note- marathon viewing of complete seasons really changes your perspective on the show. It can be like spending too much time with the family on a rainy weekend. I have to remind myself to mix it up.)

One family I enjoyed spending a lot of time with was Modern Family. (How is that for a segue?) Never having seen an episode previously I was content with only being able to watch season 2 through Hulu Plus.

In the Dunphy girls' bedroom there is a SKRUVSTA swivel chair.

Also in their room is a HEMNES daybed .

Behind the door is a LEKSVIK rack with hooks.

In Mitchell & Cameron's kitchen there is a GRUNDTAL wall rack / dish drainer and an ORDNING utensil caddy.

Season 2 Episode 7

In episode 11, inside Lily's play castle are two pink MAMMUT chairs.

Onto the Pritchett house, episode 1 in the kitchen, there is a LÄMPLIG trivet. (Example of spotting something that is relatively obscured because I own one myself.)

In episode 2 we see, in the office located of the Pritchett home, a TIDIG pendant lamp.

 I am hoping to find a way to see season 1. So many of my "to watch" shows are an hour long and hard to catch up on quickly. A fun, half hour show is always welcome.

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  1. The episode of season 4 the baptism one in gloria's closet it's ikea shelves