Friday, July 1, 2011

Made in America

This is from The Daily Show on Wednesday June 29th. If you are at all familiar with The Daily Show you know that this is presented very much tongue in cheek. It is a satirical piece about the labor dispute at the IKEA factory in Danville, VA. International readers, I am sorry if you are not able to see the video.

They've put in all the classic jokes often made at IKEA's expense - cheap, poor construction, allen wrenches and "nonsensical" names. Points to Jason Jones for working in proper IKEA names before making some up.

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If you want further information regarding the serious side of this piece you can read this article from the LA Times and a local news site. I don't know the all the nitty-gritty details about the situation but I do want to add a little footnote to the LA Times article. At the end of the first page they mention the minimum wage differences between the Swedish workers & American workers however they neglect to factor in the severe difference in cost of living in both countries. I think to be fair they should only compare the wages of the factory to the local labor force.

Now I have to find something to get ABBA out of my head.

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