Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bites as in "excerpts" not "wounds"

Last week wrapped the short but sweet run of Love Bites. I was away on vacation so I had two episodes to catch up on.

We see the restaurant with the LAMPANs (previously featured here) on the tables close up a few more times and some new stuff. The first comes from episode 7. Chris Gorham reunites with his Ugly Betty co-star, Becky Newton. In a lawyer's office there are several 2x4 EXPEDIT units used as mail cubbies.

In the 8th and final episode, in Annie's apartment there is an ALVINE PÄRLA lampshade.

Becky Newton missed some episodes because she was having her baby (which was interestingly written into the show). After a few vignettes that were a bit bland I was happy to have her back. We finally got a proper storyline for her character. If you watched the episode and are anything like me you are probably wishing for an Annie & Wrong Matt spin-off series.

When I finished the final episode I was motivated to go back to 3rd episode where they had their first meet cute. I found a couple of things I missed the first time.

In Annie's sister's apartment we see a MAGASIN cutlery caddy and dish drainer. In the drainer are white/turquoise IKEA 365+ plates.


After re-watching all the Matt/Annie exchanges I wanted even more Becky Newton so I re-watched a few early Ugly Betty episodes. That is another post for another day.

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