Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bites as in "excerpts" not "wounds"

Last week wrapped the short but sweet run of Love Bites. I was away on vacation so I had two episodes to catch up on.

We see the restaurant with the LAMPANs (previously featured here) on the tables close up a few more times and some new stuff. The first comes from episode 7. Chris Gorham reunites with his Ugly Betty co-star, Becky Newton. In a lawyer's office there are several 2x4 EXPEDIT units used as mail cubbies.

In the 8th and final episode, in Annie's apartment there is an ALVINE PÄRLA lampshade.

Becky Newton missed some episodes because she was having her baby (which was interestingly written into the show). After a few vignettes that were a bit bland I was happy to have her back. We finally got a proper storyline for her character. If you watched the episode and are anything like me you are probably wishing for an Annie & Wrong Matt spin-off series.

When I finished the final episode I was motivated to go back to 3rd episode where they had their first meet cute. I found a couple of things I missed the first time.

In Annie's sister's apartment we see a MAGASIN cutlery caddy and dish drainer. In the drainer are white/turquoise IKEA 365+ plates.


After re-watching all the Matt/Annie exchanges I wanted even more Becky Newton so I re-watched a few early Ugly Betty episodes. That is another post for another day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's pronounced 'IT' not 'it', FYI

As I mentioned Wednesday, there is a scene in The IT Crowd season 3, episode 4 which is set in a lab. This scene is going to look very odd by the screencaps alone. I can't really explain to you what is going on but I can point out the IKEA items as I see them.

IMPULS pitchers in the foreground (example of - I own it, so it was easy to see).

On the right side we can see one of the many HERMAN chairs.

Also seen Wednesday, the NOT lamp in the background, TERTIAL work lamp on the counter.

Another TERTIAL and more HERMAN chairs. I can't match the tables. Any ideas?

The metal shelves around the lab look like DACKE shelves (discontinued) and there are EMU storage boxes (discontinued) on this particular pair.

Shortly after this they go through a wall and destroy the internet. Trust me, you need to see it. The IT Crowd is broad, geeky and very funny. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In Monday's post we saw that the UK show The IT Crowd has a special fondness for the ORGEL lamp. There is another IKEA lamp that shows up with such regularity throughout the series that it borders on absurd. The lamp is the NOT:

In my mind I see the NOT lamp as a running joke amongst the crew. They challenge each other to see how many scenes they can sneak the lamp into. Think I'm crazy?

Series 1, episode 1 - IT office

Series 1, episode 1 - Big boss' office

Series 1, episode 4 - IT office (we can still see you)

Series 1, episode 4 (#1)

Series 1, episode 4 (#2)

Series 1, episode 4 (#3)

Series 2, episode 4 - Jane's ORGELriffic apartment

Series 3, episode 4 - Lab* (TERTIAL work lamp on the right)

So with the exception of series 1, episode 4 it honestly looks like they keep moving the one NOT lamp from scene to scene. It is a $9.99 lamp and they are treating it like the $100 pair of shoes you wear every chance you get in order to get your money's worth. It is a nice, simple lamp though.

*The lab gets a post all its own on Friday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Common but not dull.

There is another product challenging the EXPEDIT & SPONTAN magazine for the "most frequently spotted" title. Many of us have these in our own homes (I have two floor lamps myself). They are inexpensive and yet elegant. They provide soft atmospheric light and are very versatile. I am speak of the ORGEL lamp series.

These simple paper lantern lamps have come in many different styles over the years. I've put together my own little compilation of the ORGEL series including the now discontinued pieces. (Behold my Photoshop skills - click to enlarge)

How frequently have I spotted these? How varied are the shows in which have I spotted them? I've already dedicated one post entirely to them back in November and they've been seen in an English Vicarage, a teen girl's bedroom, and a victim of the week's bedroom. I now have a whole post worth's more.

Up first is Coupling which ran in the UK 2000-2004 (which makes this my earliest spotting). In Patrick's apartment there is an ORGEL floor lamp. It isn't there in every episode so it was much more obvious to me when I saw it in the 4th episode of season 2, the excellent "The Melty Man Commeth".

Staying with UK comedy we look at The IT Crowd (2006 -). In season 2 episode 4, Jane is holding a dinner party at her apartment. In the dining area is an ORGEL VRETEN.

Later in the 1st episode of season 3 we see Jane's apartment again but it has been rearranged. There is an ORGEL table lamp on the hall table.

In Jane's living room (season 3 episode 5 ) there is an ORGEL floor lamp. (Incidentally, this is what I look like when I am doing screencaps, deciphering my scribbles and writing posts late at night.)

In a guest character's bedroom (season 3, episode 6) an ORGEL table lamp on the dresser.

Switching gears to an US drama, let's spy on Veronica Mars. In episode 3, season 2 we get a glimpse into Logan's ransacked bedroom. There is a toppled ORGEL floor lamp and a table lamp on the floor. There is also a HOPEN nightstand (discontinued) by the bed.

A slightly clearer shot of the two lamps. Our intrepid high school private eye reset the table lamp back onto the nightstand.

In a guest dorm room seen in season 2, episode 6 there is an ORGEL VRETEN by the window. Also, on the desk behind Veronica is a BOALT cd rack.

Besides the ORGEL lamps, Veronica Mars has a week's worth of posts for all the things I found.

Where have you seen an ORGEL lately?

Friday, July 15, 2011

IKEA continues to be a commercial success.

Every morning I have a ritual where I drink my morning coffee while watching the previous night's The Daily Show & The Colbert Report. The past few mornings during The Colbert Report I have been subjected to the Jamba Energy Drink commercial at least twice per episode. I'm watching it on Hulu so there are only 3 or so commercials to begin with. Maybe now that I am featuring it here the fates will allow me to see something else?

Towards the end of the 30 second spot there is a vertical white 2x4 EXPEDIT with red LEKMAN boxes.

Through the glass and into the office now we see that there are red OLBY work lamps, an ANTIFONI work lamp in the foreground,  KLEMENS swivel chair, and GALANT desk with glass top and chrome plated A-legs.

After all of that - still not going to buy it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new trend has come to light.

I am seeing a trend in quite a few TV shows & some movies. Restaurants which have individual lights on all the tables. I can't imagine this is very practical in the real world. What do they do with the cords? Are there outlets under each table? I admit I do not go to many fancy restaurants but are there really places that have lamps on every single table?  I've seen vases & candles but not lamps. Why then, do they do this for TV? Is it ambiance? Additional lighting in a scene? Something to fill the space?

We've seen LAMPANs used in the Love Bites post. A few months ago I saw there were GRÖNÖs in an outdoor cafe on Torchwood.

In Modern Family they use white LYKTA lamps in two separate restaurants.

 Season 2, Episode 14

 Season 2, Episode 18

And while not a restaurant, seeing LYKTA lamps on every table at a high school dance is just as impractical. The following two caps are from season 2, episode 5 (2005) of Veronica Mars.

If you see this in the real world please let me know. This is an increasing trend on TV (not always IKEA lamps either) and I need to understand.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern family

A majority of my TV watching lately has been shows that I always meant to watch, always heard good things about but never got around to watching. With intense marathon sessions I've been able to eat away at the list. (Side note- marathon viewing of complete seasons really changes your perspective on the show. It can be like spending too much time with the family on a rainy weekend. I have to remind myself to mix it up.)

One family I enjoyed spending a lot of time with was Modern Family. (How is that for a segue?) Never having seen an episode previously I was content with only being able to watch season 2 through Hulu Plus.

In the Dunphy girls' bedroom there is a SKRUVSTA swivel chair.

Also in their room is a HEMNES daybed .

Behind the door is a LEKSVIK rack with hooks.

In Mitchell & Cameron's kitchen there is a GRUNDTAL wall rack / dish drainer and an ORDNING utensil caddy.

Season 2 Episode 7

In episode 11, inside Lily's play castle are two pink MAMMUT chairs.

Onto the Pritchett house, episode 1 in the kitchen, there is a LÄMPLIG trivet. (Example of spotting something that is relatively obscured because I own one myself.)

In episode 2 we see, in the office located of the Pritchett home, a TIDIG pendant lamp.

 I am hoping to find a way to see season 1. So many of my "to watch" shows are an hour long and hard to catch up on quickly. A fun, half hour show is always welcome.