Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick PSA

Dear readers,

Wednesday, I went to IKEA and I saw many "Last Chance" yellow signs throughout the store. As many of you know, these signs are often the only warning we are given before a product is gone forever. It dawned on me that this is the season during which IKEA stores are clearing out products in anticipation for the new IKEA catalog (due out the end of the summer).

I was there for a specific purpose so I didn't stop to take note of all the things I saw marked down. If you were thinking of taking a trip to IKEA soon or if you get a rainy afternoon and want a place to kill some time now is the chance to get discounted deals. Perhaps it will be the Last Chance to get that item that you kind of want but have no use for, at the moment.

In Tuesday's post I mentioned my shock at discovering a couple items were no longer listed on the website. During today's visit I did make a point to confirm the sad news. I could not find the LACK shelving unit or EMU metal storage boxes at my store. Please note - my store also hasn't had my NORDMYRA dining chairs for a while even though they are still on the website so keep in mind stores vary.

Here is just a few of the Last Chance items I can remember:

IKEA 365+ BRASA floor lamp

IKEA 365+ LUNTA pendant, yellow (colors are no longer listed on the website)

SPONTAN magnetic board - the one that looks like a sled

HEMNES wardrobe - the sign was next to the gray-brown color (see below) so it may just be this finish.

There was also something new called "IKEA Family" which seems to be a membership card with potential discounts. Today, for joining, I got a free frozen yogurt.

Back to our originally scheduled program tomorrow.

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