Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kick-Ass spotting, part 2

Apologies to all for my lack of posts lately. I am watching a lot of TV and still spotting but finding the time to put posts together is difficult.

Last week I posted part 1 of 2 Kick-Ass posts. I'll give you a minute to refresh your memory. So that post of more difficult spottings I promised for "tomorrow" is actually a week late and below. (Possible spoilers to be safe)

In the bad guy den where Kick-Ass first meets Hit Girl, on the end table is a red LYKTA

Standing out amongst the flea market furniture,on the left side of the TV, is an ORGEL VRETEN floor lamp.

The second hide-out of Big Daddy & Hit Girl contains a IKEA PS CABINET

At the big baddies posh apartment Hit Girl finds herself hiding in the kitchen cabinet. In the dark you can see a couple BURKEN Jars.

Burken jars are becoming a frequently spotted item. (In case your are curious EXPEDIT & SPONTAN are the top 2.) The distinctive top is making it easier for me to identify them even when they are buried in the background or like above, cloaked in shadow.

I am off to write some more posts for you. Stay tuned.

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