Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kick-Ass Hemnes bedroom

I've found that spottings come in various degrees. There are the items which I've seen so frequently I can recognize easily even though they are blurry in the background. There are the challenging spottings. The ones that make me squint, freeze frame and research to be sure. Then there are the ones that are so blatantly obvious that it just isn't fair. The movie Kick-Ass has a bedroom set that is filled with practically the entire HEMNES line including pieces from the bedroom, living room and work place series.

(Warning - pictures may be considered NSFW)

HEMNES 3 drawer chest, bed and ALFHILD FÅGEL lampshades (discontinued) on a HEMMA lamp base. On the chest is a KNUBBIG table lamp.

To the right is a pink JULES chair with the HEMNES desk. LACK wall shelves above the desk. To the left on the wall are RIBBA picture frames.

HEMNES dressing table,  HEMNES bookcases, and a smaller KNUBBIG table lamp.

Another look at the bookcases.

HEMNES wardrobe, nightstand and bed. A RIBBA frame is above the bed.

It is quite a lovely room. Despite the ease of spotting in this particular there is more throughout Kick-Ass that offered a bit more of a challenge. I will feature those tomorrow.

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