Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Wright

Today's spotting is from the Queen Latifah romantic comedy Just Wright. At the start of the movie her character just bought a house. It is an eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories. Many of the furnishings looked like they were handed down  or accumulated over time which I love. I almost missed the two IKEA items because there was so much else to look at.

There is a TYLÖSAND sofa in a burgundy color in the living room. I noticed the TYLÖSAND was no longer on the US website, nor is it on the Swedish site. I am officially declaring it discontinued.

In the hallway there is an ORGEL floor lamp.

That's it. Just those two as far as I can tell. It makes you wonder why the set decorators decided to shop at IKEA and just come home with these 2 pieces. But, it is a refreshing change because I've been seeing complete IKEA rooms far too often and that feels a bit unrealistic.

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  1. I have the table version of those lamps on either side of my bed!