Friday, June 10, 2011

Hungry for some IKEA

I am rather surprings myself with this spotting because it is a cooking show on cable. One, I don't have cable so I caught it at someone else's house. Two, I simply don't watch cooking shows. When I do cook for myself I don't follow recipes. I am a big fan of throwing things I recognize in a pan and hoping for the best. Also, watching cooking shows makes me hungry so why put myself through that?

However, this past weekend as I was flipping channels I came across The Hungry Girl. I own one of the cookbooks and visited the website once or twice (best intentions and all that) so I was interested to see The Hungry Girl in real life. I also found out recently that THG is married to Dan Schneider the creator of pretty much every show on NICK including iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101. I was intrigued so I watched and noticed that the set kitchen is largely IKEA.

There are few promotional photos showing the kitchen but I was able to find some videos on the website from which I got satisfactory screencaps. It looks the kitchen accessories changed a bit over the episodes but we'll go with what I was able to find.

On the left is a VÄRDE counter storage unit.

On the counter are BURKEN jars

Next to the novelty ketchup bottle are IKEA 365+ jar with lid and more Burken jars.

Now, I'm not 100% on the cabinets. The handles are definitely LANSA. However, the door fronts and the upper cabinets are a little harder for me to identify. I'm leaning towards calling the glass doors AVSIKT.

In the end I did take away one recipe and decided to try it at home! Baby steps.

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