Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick PSA

Dear readers,

Wednesday, I went to IKEA and I saw many "Last Chance" yellow signs throughout the store. As many of you know, these signs are often the only warning we are given before a product is gone forever. It dawned on me that this is the season during which IKEA stores are clearing out products in anticipation for the new IKEA catalog (due out the end of the summer).

I was there for a specific purpose so I didn't stop to take note of all the things I saw marked down. If you were thinking of taking a trip to IKEA soon or if you get a rainy afternoon and want a place to kill some time now is the chance to get discounted deals. Perhaps it will be the Last Chance to get that item that you kind of want but have no use for, at the moment.

In Tuesday's post I mentioned my shock at discovering a couple items were no longer listed on the website. During today's visit I did make a point to confirm the sad news. I could not find the LACK shelving unit or EMU metal storage boxes at my store. Please note - my store also hasn't had my NORDMYRA dining chairs for a while even though they are still on the website so keep in mind stores vary.

Here is just a few of the Last Chance items I can remember:

IKEA 365+ BRASA floor lamp

IKEA 365+ LUNTA pendant, yellow (colors are no longer listed on the website)

SPONTAN magnetic board - the one that looks like a sled

HEMNES wardrobe - the sign was next to the gray-brown color (see below) so it may just be this finish.

There was also something new called "IKEA Family" which seems to be a membership card with potential discounts. Today, for joining, I got a free frozen yogurt.

Back to our originally scheduled program tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A quickie from Love Bites

Two weeks ago I first posted  about Love Bites, NBC's summer burn off anthology series. This past Thursday, episode 4, I found more.

LACK shelving unit* and a JULES swivel chair.

A second LACK shelving unit of the other side of the desk. On top of the shelf, just behind the lamp you can make out an EMU*.

*Someone please confirm for me that neither the LACK shelving unit nor the EMU are no longer available in the US. I just did a search for both on the website and had a very dramatic "NOOOOOO!!!!!" when the results came back negative. If anything I am most upset about the EMU. I never did get around to buying them, despite my love letter to them and would be sad if they are discontinued.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Burn Notice premiere - explosions, IKEA & Bruce Campbell in a fanny pack?

It isn't the officially summer until Burn Notice premiere's on USA (Thursdays at 9pm). This past Thursday's episode was not a let down. Not only was it chock full of action and Bruce Campbell but they obligingly gave me a couple pieces of IKEA to spot.

In what was subtitled as the "Canadian Security Intelligence Service" we see some 2x4 EXPEDIT units. One is in the hallway and we see that it is on casters.

I like this shot. The reflection isn't the EXPEDIT we just saw in the hallway. Nor the one we're about to see on the other side of the door. There must be a 3rd EXPEDIT on the opposite side of the office which we never see.

In an office is another 2x4 EXPEDIT. I like the blackening they did inside the cubbies. It makes them looks less stark.

And just because it amuses me greatly -

This is my FANNY PACK!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Even call girls shop at IKEA.

Today's post is thanks to Clare. She wrote me an email telling me that the Showtime (ITV) series Secret Diary of a Call Girl featured IKEA in the main character's new fourth season apartment. In addition to my thanks, I must also apologize to Clare who submitted this a month ago. Since I look forward to receiving input from the readers I feel guilty about letting this sit for such a long time. When I was finally able to watch the show I had to watch more episodes than I expected which delayed the post. That being said, let us take a look at all the finds.

Belle's very white apartment has a 5x5 EXPEDIT in the living room area. Here is a picture of it before she unpacks.

Episode 1

Episode 1

There is 2X4 EXPEDIT in the dining area. Upon which Hannah has her record player.

Episode 2

A view into the living room area where the 5X5 EXPEDIT is being used as a room divider.

Episode 4

A close-up of the room divider EXPEDIT.

Episode 3

Near her front door is a UNG DRILL frame once again made into a mirror.

Episode 2

In episode 3 we see Belle's office. On the wall near the door is a SPONTAN magnetic board and containers.

Episode 3

There is a LACK shelf on the other wall.

Episode 3

A HELMER drawer unit (it looks like it is raised but we do not see the bottom.)

Episode 3

Back downstairs in the kitchen there is an ORDNING utensil caddy tucked by the stove.

Episode 2

And we get a glimpse into a drawer which has the RATIONELL drawer dividers.

Episode 3

In episode 4 we get a quick glimpse into Belle's guest bedroom. (warning: a little naughty) There is a VINSTRA chest  (discontinued) in the background.

In episode 2 Belle entertains a client in a hotel room which has VINSTRA nightstands.

It is a shame the VINSTRA line is discontinued because you don't see metal bedroom furniture often.

Is it shameful that I got the most enjoyment from this series by trying to figure out how much make-up they spackled on Rose's...I mean Billie Piper's face? Even when she was supposed to be "natural"? I'm intrigued enough by the premise and character that I will add the earlier seasons to my watch list.

Do you have a spotting to share? Email me at ikeaspotter [at] gmail [dot] com. Please include the title and as much information as you can. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Repo! - what is in those jars?

Remember yesterday I mentioned how the BURKEN jars are becoming a frequently spotted item? This is what BURKEN jars look like - note the lid.

Can you spot them in the following screencaps from Repo! The Genetic Opera? (click the image to enlarge)

The jars were the only things I could find in this musical. It was certainly a visual as well as aural film.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kick-Ass spotting, part 2

Apologies to all for my lack of posts lately. I am watching a lot of TV and still spotting but finding the time to put posts together is difficult.

Last week I posted part 1 of 2 Kick-Ass posts. I'll give you a minute to refresh your memory. So that post of more difficult spottings I promised for "tomorrow" is actually a week late and below. (Possible spoilers to be safe)

In the bad guy den where Kick-Ass first meets Hit Girl, on the end table is a red LYKTA

Standing out amongst the flea market furniture,on the left side of the TV, is an ORGEL VRETEN floor lamp.

The second hide-out of Big Daddy & Hit Girl contains a IKEA PS CABINET

At the big baddies posh apartment Hit Girl finds herself hiding in the kitchen cabinet. In the dark you can see a couple BURKEN Jars.

Burken jars are becoming a frequently spotted item. (In case your are curious EXPEDIT & SPONTAN are the top 2.) The distinctive top is making it easier for me to identify them even when they are buried in the background or like above, cloaked in shadow.

I am off to write some more posts for you. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kick-Ass Hemnes bedroom

I've found that spottings come in various degrees. There are the items which I've seen so frequently I can recognize easily even though they are blurry in the background. There are the challenging spottings. The ones that make me squint, freeze frame and research to be sure. Then there are the ones that are so blatantly obvious that it just isn't fair. The movie Kick-Ass has a bedroom set that is filled with practically the entire HEMNES line including pieces from the bedroom, living room and work place series.

(Warning - pictures may be considered NSFW)

HEMNES 3 drawer chest, bed and ALFHILD FÅGEL lampshades (discontinued) on a HEMMA lamp base. On the chest is a KNUBBIG table lamp.

To the right is a pink JULES chair with the HEMNES desk. LACK wall shelves above the desk. To the left on the wall are RIBBA picture frames.

HEMNES dressing table,  HEMNES bookcases, and a smaller KNUBBIG table lamp.

Another look at the bookcases.

HEMNES wardrobe, nightstand and bed. A RIBBA frame is above the bed.

It is quite a lovely room. Despite the ease of spotting in this particular there is more throughout Kick-Ass that offered a bit more of a challenge. I will feature those tomorrow.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hungry for some IKEA

I am rather surprings myself with this spotting because it is a cooking show on cable. One, I don't have cable so I caught it at someone else's house. Two, I simply don't watch cooking shows. When I do cook for myself I don't follow recipes. I am a big fan of throwing things I recognize in a pan and hoping for the best. Also, watching cooking shows makes me hungry so why put myself through that?

However, this past weekend as I was flipping channels I came across The Hungry Girl. I own one of the cookbooks and visited the website once or twice (best intentions and all that) so I was interested to see The Hungry Girl in real life. I also found out recently that THG is married to Dan Schneider the creator of pretty much every show on NICK including iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101. I was intrigued so I watched and noticed that the set kitchen is largely IKEA.

There are few promotional photos showing the kitchen but I was able to find some videos on the website from which I got satisfactory screencaps. It looks the kitchen accessories changed a bit over the episodes but we'll go with what I was able to find.

On the left is a VÄRDE counter storage unit.

On the counter are BURKEN jars

Next to the novelty ketchup bottle are IKEA 365+ jar with lid and more Burken jars.

Now, I'm not 100% on the cabinets. The handles are definitely LANSA. However, the door fronts and the upper cabinets are a little harder for me to identify. I'm leaning towards calling the glass doors AVSIKT.

In the end I did take away one recipe and decided to try it at home! Baby steps.