Sunday, May 22, 2011

ThinkGeek, ThinkIKEA

If you follow this blog with any regularity then you know I am a bit of a geek. One of my favorite shops (besides IKEA) is a company called ThinkGeek. As I sit and type this post I can look over and see the various goodies I've received from them over the years such as a Princess Bride board game, Dread Pirate Roberts action figure and Doctor Who key chains. The really great thing is that ThinkGeek isn't just an online store with awesome customer service. They are also a community.

I have been following the mystery of the mutant jello which has been stuck to the glass at ThinkGeek HQ since April. Here is a quick update (click for larger):

Because of the silliness with the Rapture this weekend they renamed their Timmy Cam (Timmy being their monkey mascot) to MutantJelloCam. We were to keep checking in to see if the Jello would ascend. I followed the ThinkGeek link and I saw this image:

After squinting to see the red jelly on the window and taking a moment to "awww" over Timmy with his Jane hat I noticed the EXPEDIT unit and KASSETT box on the left. ThinkGeek furnishes their office with IKEA??

Apparently so - After further digging I found more evidence in their Facebook and Twitter albums.

In the photo below are KLIPPAN sofas. There is a LACK side table and a STRANNE table lamp.

Here is the KLIPPAN again. (With someone doing an uncanny Sad Keanu for Halloween)

And in a conference room there is astronaut Timmy and RUTGER / JULES chairs.

This picture is a little small (my apologies) and it is from a contest held last year. On the wall in the back are EKBY ROBERT shelf brackets. The table leg behind Timmy looks a lot like a GALANT A leg.

Last one - Underneath this impressive display of Timmy Cosplayers are BLECKA hooks and LACK wall shelves.

From following their photos and videos I always thought it looked like a fun, mad place to go to work everyday but now I'm also thinking of all the IKEA I could discover. I alway get excited when I see IKEA in the real world . So while this isn't a post featuring a TV show or movie, ThinkGeek is a part of geek culture which in turn fuels a lot of pop culture (and this blog).

*All photos are property of ThinkGeek and are used without permission.

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  1. that office is just up the road from me :) (ie if i were to be living in rotterdam their office would be in guilderland)