Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update: ThinkGeek, ThinkIKEA

Last Sunday's post was a bit out of the ordinary for me. I felt like a bit of a voyeur putting it together but they are the ones who have webcams throughout their office.

On Monday I decided to tweet the link for the post to ThinkGeek:

Huzzah. I still feel a bit like a voyeur but at least I know my instincts and eye are good!

I'm hard at work watching & spotting. I'll have more posts for you this coming week including one from one of my readers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random mug needs to know -

My friend Rachelle contacted me about something she saw in the fourth season finale of Private Practice.

This is a TRIVSAM mug
Is this?

another scene later in the episode.

It is a judgment call really. There isn't anything else IKEA in these scenes so it is hard to say for certain. My instinct wants to say yes. What do you think?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ThinkGeek, ThinkIKEA

If you follow this blog with any regularity then you know I am a bit of a geek. One of my favorite shops (besides IKEA) is a company called ThinkGeek. As I sit and type this post I can look over and see the various goodies I've received from them over the years such as a Princess Bride board game, Dread Pirate Roberts action figure and Doctor Who key chains. The really great thing is that ThinkGeek isn't just an online store with awesome customer service. They are also a community.

I have been following the mystery of the mutant jello which has been stuck to the glass at ThinkGeek HQ since April. Here is a quick update (click for larger):

Because of the silliness with the Rapture this weekend they renamed their Timmy Cam (Timmy being their monkey mascot) to MutantJelloCam. We were to keep checking in to see if the Jello would ascend. I followed the ThinkGeek link and I saw this image:

After squinting to see the red jelly on the window and taking a moment to "awww" over Timmy with his Jane hat I noticed the EXPEDIT unit and KASSETT box on the left. ThinkGeek furnishes their office with IKEA??

Apparently so - After further digging I found more evidence in their Facebook and Twitter albums.

In the photo below are KLIPPAN sofas. There is a LACK side table and a STRANNE table lamp.

Here is the KLIPPAN again. (With someone doing an uncanny Sad Keanu for Halloween)

And in a conference room there is astronaut Timmy and RUTGER / JULES chairs.

This picture is a little small (my apologies) and it is from a contest held last year. On the wall in the back are EKBY ROBERT shelf brackets. The table leg behind Timmy looks a lot like a GALANT A leg.

Last one - Underneath this impressive display of Timmy Cosplayers are BLECKA hooks and LACK wall shelves.

From following their photos and videos I always thought it looked like a fun, mad place to go to work everyday but now I'm also thinking of all the IKEA I could discover. I alway get excited when I see IKEA in the real world . So while this isn't a post featuring a TV show or movie, ThinkGeek is a part of geek culture which in turn fuels a lot of pop culture (and this blog).

*All photos are property of ThinkGeek and are used without permission.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A home is your Castle. Shop smart.

Despite the third season of Castle ending the other night I've only just finished the first season myself. While I am late to the party I am enjoying the show. As a Firefly fan, Nathan Fillion is a treat to watch. All the character dynamics in the show are highly enjoyable.

While watching episode 6 of the first season this question came to mind  "if you are a production company and need a kitchen for a scene which includes a gun battle where better to shop than IKEA?" So many people argue that IKEA furniture is disposable. I disagree. It is affordable and thus not as painful to replace if it gets damaged which is not the same thing as disposable. It would make sense to a production team on a budget to shop at IKEA if you need to have a kitchen that will be shot to pieces.

AVSIKT glass doors on the upper and lower cabinets with ATTEST handles.

On the counter and along the back wall we see (click for larger image) an ORDNING dish drainer, FÖRVAR jar, DINERA plates, IKEA 365+ clear w/white lid, and a RATIONELL VARIERA spice rack.

It is a bit of a cluttered jumble on that back counter. Do you spot anything I may have missed?

I have more pieces which I've spotted during the series so expect a couple more Castle posts. Now if only I could get my hands on season 2 from the library. Darn waiting list.

Monday, May 9, 2011

SciKEA manuals

We've seen spoof manuals for a Stargate, Supercollider & Stonehenge now take a look at some other clever Sci-Fi IKEA manuals.

For the complete set fly on over to College Humor. Also, credit to The Nerdist who originally alerted me to these and from whom I blatantly stole the title for this post.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Other Guys like IKEA too.

I was watching The Other Guys the other day. The movie is a crazy mix of Will Farrell comedy and buddy cop spoof with an unexpected economical commentary. I admit I was watching mostly for the chase scenes which were filmed in my hometown. (I don't live there anymore so no stalking.)

As per usual I found a few IKEA goodies hiding about. Here in the Securities office you see on either side of the reception desk are KVINTOL lamps (discontinued). I can't place the one in the back corner. Any ideas?

On the desk are two STRÄNGSMÅLA picture frames. Here is a close-up on one.

I'm not sure if this is Will Farrell's character's house or his wife's grandmothers. Either way there is a LEKSVIK rack with 5 hooks on the wall.

If you are looking for a decent enough comedy with a bunch of random gold moments you might like The Other Guys. The opening with Samuel L Jackson & Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is great. It was also great to see Michael Keaton doing comedy again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drop Dead Diva

There's a show that airs on Lifetime called Drop Dead Diva which I have wanted to watch for sometime. I was initially intrigued by the premise and then I discovered that with two Broadway actresses in the cast there are also some fun musical dream sequences. Season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix, season 2 DVD came out this week and I've been playing catch up before the new series airs next month.

Drop Dead Diva films in Atlanta and yes, since it is here, the production team shops at IKEA.

In the pilot episode, upper corner, on the bookshelf  is a white LAMPAN.


Throughout both seasons we see in Jane's apartment an IKEA STOCKHOLM bowl.

And BURKEN canisters

The show loves their EXPEDITs. They seem to be everywhere.
In the law office throughout the series -

And in a shop, season 1, episode 11.

Season 1, episode 7 in the guest stars bedroom: GUNILLA fabric hanging behind the bed, HEMNES nightstand, and ALFHILD FÅGEL lampshade (discontinued) on an EKARP base (brown discontinued).

Season 2, episode 1 in a pediatrician's office are KRITTER table and chairs

and a SPONTAN magazine rack.

Finally in season 2, episode 7 a KULLA lamp.

And for a little something extra-