Friday, April 8, 2011

Torchwood guest appearances

Continuing on from yesterday's Torchwood post we now have one more picture from the Hub (the super secret base of Torchwood) and episode specific guest sets. If you will.

In the vaults beneath the Hub are TRAKTOR stools (discontinued).

In the 2nd episode of series 1 there is an outdoor cafe. It looks like the tables have GRÖNÖ lamps. I initially thought the table & chairs were IKEA but I can't seem to match them. There are things in their current catalog that are close but not quite. Am I missing something?

Series 1, Episode 6 - on the wall is a GRUNDTAL rail with hooks & accessories.

Underneath the cabinet, hidden behind the kettle is a  LÄMPLIG trivet.

Series 1, episode 7 - White MALM bed and 2 drawer chests. (Sorry for the blood. I tried to make it less gruesome but it is best as is.)

Series 1, episode 8 - MIKAEL desk (discontinued)

Series 2, episode 2 - HOPPEN bed frame (you can make out the headboard). The lighter finish is discontinued.

Series 2, episode 11 - single MALM bed

MALM dresser decorated with stickers

That should do for Torchwood. Series 3 was sadly lacking in IKEA goodness, besides Gwen's apartment which we saw yesterday.

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