Tuesday, April 19, 2011

iOMG it is more IKEA on iCarly!

I know in the past I have used my niece to explain why I watch teen shows on Nick. Although that is how it started I have to admit that I now watch them on my own. There is no shame in that. You cannot shame me.

Over dinner one night my niece recounted the events of the recent iCarly: iOMG episode and sadly I was eager to watch it for myself. In this episode there was a brand new set in the school which I hadn't seen before and it was chock full of IKEA goodness. While I am glad to have spotted some new IKEA items I must admit I was more exited by the big OMG moment. My inner teen fan girl let out a little squee. Then my inner fan girl had a tantrum because she would have to wait months for the conclusion. Ugh. Torture!

Anyway, onto the spotting! In this new classroom / work area we are going to explore you can see in this wide shot a DOCKSTA - background left, BILLSTA bar table- middle center, and STENSTORP kitchen island - background center. We'll see close ups in a moment.

Close-up of the STENSTORP kitchen island being used as a work table. There are at least 2 in this set.

In the back left corner you can see a DOCKSTA table & KORPO chairs.

A close-up, slightly clearer image.

Laptops are on the BILLSTA bar height table. A KARLSTAD sofa & VEJMON side table are along the far wall.

Another angle

It is a real shame that I had to rewatch this episode a few times to get all these screencaps. Even the big OMG moment even if it didn't have anything IKEA in it. /sarcasm

Sure it is a show directed at teens and pre-teens but I have to admit iCarly can be highly entertaining. Not entirely realistic and it has some continuity issues but it is funny. The cast has really grown into their roles and know how to deliver the lines. This episode in particular was well written (with Old Spice, Silence of the Lambs & Spinal Tap shout-outs), well acted and nicely designed.

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