Monday, March 14, 2011

Like that phone call at 4:58 on a Friday.

The spotting I am featuring today is thanks to my friend Rachelle. The night of the Oscars we had a challenging and hilarious experience trying to watch and chat about the Oscars together. Challenging because while I was watching live on TV in one state we were trying to find a live streaming website so she could watch along with me in another. All the sites were either getting shut down or on a significant delay. Hilarious because even with all the technical difficulties on our end the show itself was rife with perfect snark material. At least the set was pretty.

Shortly after the long ceremony was over and about the time I decided to go to bed I get a ping in my chat. Rachelle had gone back to catching up on Parenthood and made a spotting. As always, instead of saying "thank you, I'll look into it tomorrow" and going to bed I had to find what she was watching. An hour later I had made my screencaps, did my research and lamented that I was still wide awake. Thanks Rachelle!

Parenthood, Season 2 Episode 8

Two of the characters are moving into a new apartment. With that move comes new furniture and as this new furniture comes from IKEA so does the task of assembling the new pieces. A rare treat is that we get to see the characters trying to assemble the pieces on screen.

Minor grumbling about assembling the pieces complete with a look at the instruction manual for the EXPEDIT.

We have one complete 2x4 EXPEDIT and one in progress.

Also in this episode, on the houseboat previously inhabited by this couple, we see GRUNDTAL spotlights under the shelves in the galley.

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