Friday, March 18, 2011

Kinetic IKEA overload

We've seen more than a few commercials which use IKEA furnishings to help depict the beautiful life as only advertisements can. However, a recent ad for XBOX Kinect comes out as the all time winner. It uses such a high quanitity of IKEA products that I have to wonder if the designers would have thought it easier to get permission to film at an actual IKEA show room. I tried to begin a list of all the pieces featured and my brain just shut down. Some of the pieces are re-used in more than one room (or the room itself is rearranged to look different) so at least the decorators were trying to be economical.

The following pictures were taken from the minute long ad which features at least a dozen rooms. The bits of this longer ad are used to make the shorter and international ads that can be seen on TV and online.

My mind is boggled!

room 1

room 2

room 3

room 4

room 5

room 6

room 7

room 8

room 9

room 10

room 11

What do you see? When I am suitably loaded with caffeine and have several hours to spare I'll go back through and label what I've seen.

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