Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House of Anubis, part II

I wrote a post featuring House of Anubis earlier this month which featured the school sets on the show. Today I will show what I found in the house itself, primarily the students' bedroom. 

In one of the girl's bedroom there is a purple LYKTA lamp.

Red EKBY MÅNS shelving brackets

In the other girl's room are white shelves which have EKBY HENSVIK brackets. On the uppermost shelves are TRIPP storage tins. This particular pattern is now discontinued.

UNG DRILL frame painted green.

In the boys' room we see a discontinued FIRA mini-drawer chest.

TJUSIG hat rack

In the clutter of the desk in the back are a TALLVIK lamp and HELMER drawer unit.

Down in the kitchen there are GRUNDTAL rail and shelf, MAGASIN dish drainer, IKEA 365+ jar with lid (clear cereal container on the island) and whatever else you can make out.

I stopped watching the series with my niece about half way through. If you are a regular viewer and there was something in the end of the series let me know.

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