Monday, February 7, 2011

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. Whether you are a sports fan or not doesn't really matter, people all over the country gather together for the food and the commercials. No matter what teams are playing, let alone winning, almost everyone can agree that the most highly anticipated thing of the night are the commercials. (Although the potential for disaster halt-time show is a good runner up.)

Big money is spent on the commercials and we've come to expect several things over the years: Top car makers rolling out their new wheels. Coca-Cola will do something positive and whimsical. Pepsi will promote itself as the cool and sexy alternative. Doritos will be unpredictable. There will be talking babies, hot girls, plenty of cute animals and of course, the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Speaking of beer, Bud Light gave us a commercial which showed us how sweet life would be if dogs could walk on their hinds legs and serve us ice cold beer. Shortly before we got the inevitable dogs playing poker gag we got a quick shot of a LYKTA lamp.

Thanks Bud Light but you can keep the beer and the waiter dogs. I want the sweet mid-century ranch seen in the commercial.

You can watch the full commercial, catch others you may have missed and vote for your favorites at AdZone 2011 on

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