Friday, February 18, 2011

IKEA Spotting for 50¢ please.

I was watching the Jeopardy! IBM challenge Wednesday night. If you don't know it was a mini-tournament pitting man (winning-est champs Ken Jennings & Brad Rutter) against an IBM designed computer named Watson to see if they could develop a computer that can....well Google is your friend :) Basically, what it comes down to is regardless of processing speed, the years of development and fancy technical terms the game belongs to whoever can hit the buzzer first. Considering that machine will always be able to react faster
I wasn't expecting too many surprises but found myself delighted over one of the questions.

Watson chose the category "One buck or less for 800".

The answer was:

Surprisingly Brad was the one to answer correctly. Of all the questions Watson nailed throughout the game he didn't know this? Take a look at probabilities...not confident at all.

Maybe the fact that they appear to be discontinued in the US was a factor?

Despite the outcome and all the comments regarding artificial intelligence being only a hair's breadth away from overtaking humanity I think we will be okay. As long as we are able to retain our sense of humor. Love Ken Jennings!

If you want to watch the episode for yourself it can be found here and here.

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