Thursday, February 24, 2011

How the frack did I miss that?

I received a comment on a previous Battlestar Galactica post from jestercap72:

"There is Rusch in the Colonial One (in 1x01 "33") and a I-don't-remember-the name khaki towel at the beginning of 1x02 "Water"."

Intrigued by the prospect of finding something new I went back through the first episode. While I had hoped it would be an easy spotting I was a little disappointed - with myself. How exactly did I miss it the first time around? They deliberately showed the clock several times throughout the episode and still it failed to register in my brain.
For those who aren't familiar with a RUSCH it looks like this:

In the episode it looks like this:

And to further rub it in:

It isn't hacked, hidden in shadow or buried deep in the background. Yes, I know I am being hard on myself but have you seen some of the things I've found hidden?

As for the second part of jestercap's comment this is the khaki towel from episode 2 - "Water"

I haven't been able to come up with a name for it either. However, I did find something else I missed the first time. Two additional ATTITYID drawer units. The previous one, in episode 6, I noted in the first BSG post.

Check out jestercap72 's blog post on the same theme (in Italian).
I thank you for the comments! I welcome any and all feedback. So little time, so much IKEA.


  1. Hi.
    And thank you for the referral.
    I made some investigations (actually went to my bathroom and read the label) and came up with a neam for the towel.
    It is SANNI, it seems not to be on the catalogue anymore, but I am quite sure it was a best-seller (I have 5 of them).


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