Friday, February 25, 2011

Further adventures of IKEA in SPAAAACCCEE!

Yesterday we revisted Battlestar Galactica and today we move onto another SyFy channel (hate that name) property.

I recently had a marathon "catch-up because it has been canceled and they're burning off the episodes starting next month" viewing session of Stargate: Universe. The series is set in present day but takes place on an Ancient spaceship on the other side of the universe. I wasn't really expecting to see IKEA but after sightings in Battlestar Galatcia and Firefly I wasn't all that surprised.

The first spotting is technically on Earth at Stargate Command. Black SPONTAN magazine racks can be seen in a few episodes of seasons 1 and 2.

In the first episode a few of our main characters are transported from Earth to a foreign planet on a spaceship. In the quarters of Eli, the resident slacker genius, we get a glimpse of a MALM two-drawer chest:

See it? Look to the left of his shins. I might miss a clock staring me in the face but I see that.

There is also a VIKA LAURI (discontinued) glass top table.

On the Ancient spaceship we see a couple of EXPEDIT units. For budgetary reasons it could very well be the same unit re-purposed from episode to episode. You may have read my previous theory regarding this practice.

Here it is in the armory, season 2 episode 8. (Top of the frame.)

Close up image:

And in Chloe's quarters in several episodes.

SGU likes its dark shadows so I may have missed something. The final 10 episodes air starting  March 7th so I will be on the look out for anything new.

Here is something just for fun - On the official Stargate website the cast answered some viewers questions. Actor Peter Kelamis had a sense of humor when asked about the interface chair :

"It is real...we found it on a planet called 'IKEA' took Rush and the science team days to put it together. I will send on through the gate for you."

Clearly the chair is not an IKEA product, it isn't even a hack of one. The comment made me laugh none-the-less.

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