Monday, January 24, 2011

Think of the children!

The good thing about having the majority of my television viewing being online or via Netflix Streaming is the lack of commercials. We do have to endure some commercials on Hulu but only a small fraction compared to TV. The downside to that is sometimes I miss genuinely clever commercials.

The other night I was watching good old regular broadcast TV at my sister's and caught this bright gem from Neosporin/Band-Aid:

Besides having a catchy tune and a slightly odd tag-line did you see anything else?

How about MAMMUT stools

And an EXPEDIT with what could be blue & orange FRÄJEN towels.

This picture shows a close up of the towels, a cutie-patootie girl and a sink cabinet that screams IKEA (even though I can't place it.)

I love Children's IKEA because it is bright and colorful. It is whimsical without being overly precious. Precious accessories have their place of course but it is much harder to find IKEA's style of children's accessories.

My TV watching that night resulted in a few other IKEA spottings which will help me with this week's theme "Growing up with IKEA." Stay tuned!

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