Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Supernanny - must see TV.

My niece is obsessed with Supernanny. She knows exactly when it is on and has to watch it. I like to think it is a 6 year old's Jerry Springer or Maury. She can look at those wild children and feel good about herself. She isn't a naughty, undisciplined child like she sees on the show.

This past Friday we were watching together, along with my sister and she kept asking when her favorite part - Ask Supernanny - would come on. I was amused when the segment came on, not only by her enthusiasm, because we were able to recognize her bed.

A KURA bed with bed tent

And the TROFAST system with the discontinued doors.
She has had both in her room for quite a few years now. I remember the momentous occasion when the KURA was finally flipped to become a loft bed. It is a testament to IKEA's durability and versatility that a child is able to grow up with the same products without getting bored.

I got caught up on a few of her other favorite TV shows that night. Luckily for me, sitting through them was not without reward. I have more spottings so stay tuned.


  1. We saw that too! Jackson said, hey! that looks like my bed! Ta-DA! We're a fan of the Supernanny here too, except when there's too much screeching. I can't stand the screeching.

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