Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simpsons - adult content

So, um...I'm not sure how to post this without getting anyone in trouble. I include myself in that since my family reads this and I would have to explain how I managed to come across such a thing.

I blame my beloved geek sites. While I check in for news on The Hobbit or Doctor Who I occasionally come across things that warp my fragile, innocent mind. They make me click links that take me to places....and look at things that are so. very. wrong. It's all their fault!

There, now I've absolved myself and reaffirmed my virtue. In my dedication to be thorough and also because I may be running out of material it is my duty to point out an orange KLIPPAN sofa spotted in promotional photos for a new XXX Simpsons' parody. Yes, you read that right.

The images are mostly safe for work but I've put them behind the break as an added precaution.

Thanks to Topless Robot and  Geekologie for bringing this to everyone's attention. (Links are safe for work as well.)

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