Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar high.

This week has been incredibly crazy with everything ramping up for the holidays so my posts are a bit irregular. For those who don't celebrate, I'm sorry it has taken over everything, everywhere. Do you at least find our tacky light displays a little cheerful on these cold, dark nights?

Well, I have something that is neither tacky nor unimaginative. One thing about the holidays that everyone can enjoy is baking or at least eating the final product!

My friend Jill bakes every Christmas. I've seen it in previous years. It is epic! This year: "26 batches of cookies baked - That's more than 13 lbs of butter, 65 cups of flour and 20 cups of sugar!" Today she shared with me a link from the New York Times and mentioned it had an IKEA reference. Based on the thumbnail for the article I thought it would be a callback to the cleverly designed IKEA Cookbook with the graphic representations of the ingredients and final products.

The wonderful “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homebaked is Best) cookbook given out for free in limited quantities only in Swedish IKEA stores. (Big frownie face.)

The New York Times feature does have to do with baking and creation but it has a more direct IKEA reference. I thought about extracting just the pictures pertaining to IKEA but I think you will enjoy reading through the whole thing in context.

Click on over to Let it Dough!  and revel in the humor and creativity.

Let it Dough!

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