Friday, December 3, 2010

Setting the bar high bites you in the bottom.

In my commitment to being as thorough as possible I find myself in a painful place. I have already dedicated 2 posts to The Secret Life of the American Teenager but unfortunately, there are a few odds and ends which didn't fit in the previous posts. Sure I could let them sit in my drafts folder forever but my work ethic will not allow it (shh, yes this is work).

So here, in an effort to get it over and done with are the last few spottings.

In Ben's bedroom. (The pregnant girl's boyfriend. No, she is not pregnant with his child but he wants to marry her anyway. A couple weeks after meeting her. And they are still in high school. Yes, really.)

KIVSTA shade on a HEMMA lamp base.

PATRIK chair

In Ben's best friend's bedroom - flower wall decals (discontinued).

 In a doctors office a 2x4 EXPEDIT laid horizontally

I'm not brave enough to watch beyond season 1 so I cannot say if anything changes or gets added. If you do see something, as always send me an email and I will include it. Yes, even if I can barely tolerate the show.

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