Thursday, December 16, 2010


The other night I was getting ready for an early bed when I get the following message

22:05:00 Rachelle:I FOUND IKEA S**T IN A TV SHOW

22:05:21 Rachelle:I don't know why I'm so proud of myself

22:06:23 Rachelle:And the design room

22:06:27 Rachelle:wall hangy things? chairs?

and email-

Parenthood ep 2.5
Shoe place breakroom - Ikea kitcheny stuff
Design room - wall stuff.  Chairs, tables?

My friend Rachelle (she of the dishware challenge) was very excited to finally help me out by spotting something on a show I do not watch. I believe she admitted to letting out an excited scream when she realized what she was seeing. Fortunately, Hulu had the episode available so we were able to watch together. Once I confirmed she was right, I fired up my photoshop and began the process of screencapping. Over the next hour we went through the episode spotting and naming the items via chat.

In the break room at the shoe factory: BERNHARD chairs, BILLSTA table and FANTASTISK napkin holders.


The kitchenette area is constructed of the VÄRDE line of cabinets including the sink cabinet . You can also see the KVOT dish drainer next to the sink and the ORDNING dish drainer mounted above the sink. Above that EKBY JÄRPEN/ EKBY BJÄRNUM combo wall shelves.

 Here is a VÄRDE counter storage unit and a better look at the AKURUM cabinets with glass doors.

  Moving along the corridor we see various KASSETT boxes atop filing cabinets.

In the office / design room is a SPONTAN magnetic board on the far wall.

By the time I went to bed (much later than planned) I had visions of IKEA dancing in my head and a friend who was threatening me : "If you get me hooked on this S**T..." (Cue maniacal laugh) What happened to the joy of helping a friend?

There are a couple smaller spottings from this episode but I will save those for another time.


  1. Well done Rachel


  2. Thanks, Matt.

    I'm glad I could help and it was fun to talk through it with you (exciting!!). And yes, I will help as much as possible, Girl Scout promise!

    (I did not realize that I am such a potty mouth! Mom would be so upset.)

  3. I laugh every time I even THINK about this.

    You're awesome and we make me laugh! Thank you!