Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Loose ends of Parenthood

We continue to take a look at the remaining last little odds and ends from my late night Parenthood spotting with my friend Rachelle. We previously took a look at the pretty complete IKEA break room at the shoe factory from season 2, episode 5 and these spottings are from the same episode.

In the Gilmore mom's apartment is a HELMER drawer unit.

In her daughter's room is our favorite storage boxes - EMU.

The little girl Sydney's room is a TALLVIK table lamp.

And a SMILA STJÄRNA star lamp on the back wall.

Lastly, there is a STUVA storage unit in the corner.

That wraps up what I was able to see in that particular episode. Rachelle has been tasked, when her schedule allows, to continue watching the series and notifying me if she see anything else.

1 comment:

  1. :) I didn't even get to finish watching THAT episode! Thank you for allowing my schedule some breathing room. My Moleskin and I thank you.

    (Don't forgot Peter Krause & Monica Potter's kitchen! Oui? I like kitchen posts.)

    Also, I love how you called her "Gilmore mom." She actually lives in the guest housey thing behind her parents! And her kids live IN the house. Completely strange.