Friday, December 10, 2010

The Girl Who Played with Fire - part IV

I am wrapping up my nearly week long coverage of The Girl Who Played with Fire. If you missed any of the posts just click here.

It's quite possible that there are many other things in the film that I missed. My IKEA knowledge is limited to my location - US - and window of exposure - the first time I ever stepped foot into an IKEA was in 2005. Since these movies are filmed in Sweden there are going to be many things that pre-date my introduction to IKEA.

My international readers: Since you have grown up with IKEA in your neighborhood let me know if you see something that has long since been discontinued. I love looking at older catalogs (whenever I can find them online) and seeing how the brand has grown while also retaining many of its trademark design elements.

For example:
This kitchen looks like an IKEA kitchen. I am willing to bet that it is full of older IKEA products. The wall organizing system for example - looks like the NYLED but the rail is wood and the clips are shorter. I've never seen it in wood before. Love the shelves on  the right of the exhaust hood but what are they?

Oddly enough, although not IKEA, I recognize the shelves on the left wall in this living room.


They are made by a Swedish company called Stringfurniture. I came across them in an Apartment Therapy article when I was researching shelves. These are fantastic but sadly there doesn't seem to be a US distributor.

I have some fun stuff for us this weekend and all new posts starting Monday. Stay Tuned.

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