Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Girl Who Played with Fire - part II

Yesterday I started posting about A Girl Who Played with Fire  and today we continue with a look at Lisbeth's kitchen. Remember some of these screencaps may be considered as spoilers by some. Thanks continue to go to Jill who worked her butt off (literally) doing advanced spotting for me.

Onward we go...
During her shopping spree Lisbeth picked up some essentials for her kitchen including a fantastic startbox.

I can't find a listing for this startbox on neither the US nor Swedish sites however with a bit of clever pausing and squinting I can make out the label on the box.

Startbox TILLAGA

The image below shows the whole 38 piece lot. This is a really nice startbox. 

In a scene later on in the move we see an unassembled something sitting on the counter - I can make out a metal frame for something.

Can you guess what it could be? Take a look at the picture below.

That is an ORDNING dish drainer. Much later in the movie we see a shot of the kitchen with the dish drainer assembled. Below, you can see it to the left of the espresso machine.

Remember the challenge my friend laid before me? Well, thanks to TGWPWF I've hit the jackpot. In her apartment alone are various plates & mugs from the IKEA 365+ dinnerware line. She may have purchased a 60 piece dinnerware startbox since the set includes the wine and drinking glasses we see. On the dish drainer you can also make out a green bowl and plate. They look like a FÄRGRIK set. You can see an ORDNING cutlery caddy there as well. (A clearer sighting is back up in the TILLAGA screencap, on the back counter.)

There's still even more to cover. Stay tuned.

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