Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A House full of MALM

We have seen the ANEBODA wardrobe used in the hospital rooms on Grey's Anatomy. House takes it to the next level with the entire MALM series. I always thought the MALM series were very institutional looking. Based on what I've seen the House production team agrees. In a behind the scenes special they mention that they often use the same room but change the colors of the walls to show different "rooms". It seems they like to switch it up by changing out the MALMs as well.

The 2-drawer chest used as a nightstand.

The 3 drawer chest

The 4 drawer chest

I have to give extra points for their creative use of the 4-drawer: a coffee station.  It is actually used in a couple of episodes. How much coffee do you need to store? What else is hidden in those drawers.

The 6-drawer wide & short

 The 6-drawer tall

And just when you thought they limited themselves to chests of drawers - When House admits himself to rehab in season 3 he spends his nights on a single MALM bed with nightstand.


  1. mmmm, any picture of House is a good picture by me!

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