Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My all seeing Blogger stats page has informed me that someone actually Googled "Dexter IKEA" which means someone out there saw something. Maybe it was the same thing I spotted accidentally or maybe there's more I have to uncover. It is on my list. Sigh. Too much TV, not enough time.

I do have a couple of other things I saw in that chance viewing.

That looks like the LUFTIG HOO C50 exhaust hood to me.

The cabinets could be LIDINGO but you can see the hinges on the cabinet doors and that usually rules out IKEA.

Also in the break room of the police station. I need more/better caps to know for sure but it looks like ÄDEL medium brown doors and LANSA handles.

Can anyone confirm?

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  1. I keep my eyes open while I watch - it feels like an Ikea type of show, maybe because of all the bachelors and all the anonymous victim's sets they have to build - but I lack your keen skill at pulling things out of the background.