Friday, November 19, 2010

More spottings in a dreaful series.

I previously featured Amy's bedroom. She is the good girl who got pregnant after what she was not even sure was sex. Seriously, that is what she says. So now we have the "slut" Adrian's apartment which is full of IKEA goodness.

ANEBODA dresser & wardrobe,
various KASSETT boxes on top of the wardrobe, RIBBA frame on the wall.

Her mother's boyfriend (the married father of the pregnant girl) gifts Adrian a desk from his furniture store. It made me laugh when they showed the MIKEAL (discontinued). It is funny because they show his furniture store in the series and it is definitely not IKEA.That desk is distinctly an IKEA desk.

She also has HEMNES night stands, JANUARI lamp bases, EKÅS shades, ANEBODA bed.

Out on the patio are KLINTHULT rattan chairs, and the little red LAMPAN table lamp.

Her living room features a LYKTA lamp. I cannot see the base of the floor lamp but I'm leaning toward a JANUARI with EKÅS shade.

This is only Season 1 and sadly this is not the last of it. There are a couple odds and ends to finish off tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

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