Monday, November 29, 2010

marathon spotting

*I was away for the weekend and didn't find out until today that my scheduled weekend posts didn't post. Boo. Well, here is what was supposed to be Saturday's post.

The greatest thing about holiday weekends are the marathons. Before DVDs this was an excellent way to catch up on episodes you may have missed or shows that had gone off the air. Nowadays unless it is to promote the start of a new season they seem exist just to provide hours of mindless viewing of episodes you've seen several times already. A perfect distraction to help you digest or should conversation become too tedious. My favorites have always been Law & Order, Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

USA had a Burn Notice marathon on Thursday. They also had a marathon when the new episodes premiered 2 weeks ago. I love this show but that just seems like overkill. At least it afforded me the opportunity to revisit possible spotting opportunities.

Like in Season 2 Episode 14. A scene is set in a hotel room.

White single drawer ANEBODA nightstands and KULLA table lamps
Huh, that ANEBODA nightstand is no longer on the site. Boo. Here's a picture-

Also in the hotel room are 2 KULLA floor lamps.

And in Season 2 Episode 5 - RUTGER JULES swivel chair

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