Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring our heroes.

In honor of this very important day - both Veteran's Day and also the return of Burn Notice (10pm, USA). I thought I'd post about the less contentious subject since I have international readers (*waves*).

I first posted about Burn Notice about a month ago and detailed the close proximity of the Miami shooting location to an IKEA store. Quite often in the series a set will be dressed with a high percentage of IKEA furnishings. However, it isn't always obvious because the production team are also really good hackers.

In Season 2 Episode 12 we have a very white, very posh condo of an art dealer.

The VIKA FINTORP legs and LACK TV unit or shelving units (without the shelves) are used to make the sideboards used in the living room. Some accessories used are SKIMMER candle holders with FENOMEN candles. TORKA dried willow.

The wall unit near the door in the of the above shot is actually a white ANEBODA 3-drawer chest on VIKA FINTORP legs. More SKIMMER candle holders on there as well.

In other angles we see more accessories in the living room like the IKEA STOCKHOLM candelabra.

And the IKEA STOCKHOLM bowl (Best shot unfortunately. The actor kept getting in the way.)

The smart use of the IKEA furnishings means they can incorporate much more expensive pieces (like the coffee table that is not actually a STRIND and the Barcelona chairs) to make a cohesive but budget conscious set. It is a good philosophy for our own homes as well.

Much more Burn Notice to come. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh god - now I am looking for this stuff while watching the marathon!! :-)