Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holy wholly IKEA spotting

Last night was very cold, blustery and wet (some of my friends even got their first traces of snow!). I was looking for something to watch that would make me warm and happy. I decided on the Vicar of Dibley finale, The Handsome Stranger / The Vicar in White. Dawn French, the usual Dibley cast of characters and Richard Armitage. So good. Definitely did the job.

Since I bring that up here you must have guessed that I spotted some IKEA goodies.

ORGEL table lamp. 

I don't think the lamp on the left is IKEA - can anyone say? It compliments the ORGEL nicely.

A pretty green JULES desk chair.

Harry's apartment is a one time set. It is only seen in this episode filmed sometime in 2006. My gut wants to declare a couple of things in this apartment IKEA but I cannot find the references to back it up. What says you?

The frame on the wall looks like the classic square RIBBA. I can't find the lamp shade (again 2006, could be discontinued) but the lamp base looks IKEA. However, the couch doesn't look like IKEA so I could just be making things up :)

I don't know if I dare declare the pots IKEA 365+. The handles and lid look about right but I am thrown off by the tall pot in front. What do you cook in that?

No, there's no IKEA in this photo but they both look so adorable and there's a Dalek! How could I not include it?


  1. Hey - does that chair come in white? I think the salon where I get my hair & nails done has one!! The also bought their cabinet from IKEA & I think they painted them too. After all this time going there it just hit me! lol!! You're rubbing off on me! ;-0